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About Us

Publishing and printing company „Cicero“ was founded in 1989 as one of the first private printing companies in Serbia. A constant growing and development of the enterprise contributed that „Cicero“ has become one of the leading printing enterprises in the country for less than twenty years. The management and studio are situated at Dedinje, while the production systems are placed in Surčin and they extend over an area of 4000 square metres of its own territory, with halls and store  of about 2000 square metres.

The enterprise has got 40 employees, graphically educated, who are permanently improving their knowledge.

In addition to usual printing products, the enterprise destination is book and magazine production, too. To this end „Cicero“ has got the most up-to-date equipment, includig engines for printing preparation, printing, book binding, that encircle all production process.

Thanks to its high quality „Cicero“ has acquired customers in almost all state organizations, public institutions, leading companies in the country and abroad.

The Policy of Quality

Striving to attain a leading position in the printing services market in Serbia, the management of CICERO Ltd has decided to introduce a quality management system in accordance with the SRPS ISO 9001:2008.

In the quality service domain, CICERO Ltd aims at providing full understanding of client and ultimate user requirements, while offering supreme quality printing services.

We are set on achieving these aims by means of efficient organization, expertise, devoted work and continual development of all our activities, as well as by investing into advanced printing technologies. The ultimate assessment of our success depends entirely on the satisfaction of our clients.

Achievement of the quality aims depends on the overall engagement of our staff, who are expected to do their jobs and perform their tasks in accordance with standard procedures, to point to possible problems or inappropriateness of the system and to suggest procedures for improvement.

We monitor achievement of the set aims by carrying out success analyses of jobs completed, our market share, financial results and of client satisfaction.

The company management are fully committed to application, maintenance and development of the quality management system and achievement of the aims set.

Milan Grbic
Owner and managing director

Belgrade, august 2009.
Da bi ste pogledali ovaj sadržaj, neophodan vam je Adobe Flash plug-in!!!
Da bi ste pogledali ovaj sadržaj, neophodan vam je Adobe Flash plug-in!!!